This week's project: a customer with a sagging second-story floor.  Or more accurately, a customer's house with a sagging second-story floor.  In this picture, you can see we've opened the first floor ceiling and built a temporary wall to brace the second story floor above it while we make the repairs.  After the repairs, we'll put up new sheet rock, texture, and paint so it looks like new (which it is).  Voilà!  No more sagging!

This week, we're building a custom pergola out of tight-knot cedar.  We worked with the customer to finalize the design and have been assembling the structure from the ground-up.  It is partially stained and almost ready for it's final coat.  Stay tuned for the finished product.  If you're interested in getting quote on custom structures like this, give us a call.

Christmas has come and gone but that doesn't mean you can't still deck things (just not the halls).  Deck your yard in time for the gorgeous Seattle summers.  This deck is partially done - stay tuned for the final results!  Give us a call to schedule a bid for your own deck.

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With the sun coming and going, and the rain doing the same, it's important to make sure your home is well sealed against the weather.  Water works it's way into cracks and expands and contracts as the weather changes, making bigger cracks for water to work its way into.  A thorough paint job and deck sealant can seal your home and keep it looking new.  Call us today for a free paint bid!

No need to paint the entire town red - your house will suffice.  Not only is exterior painting an excellent and necessary way to maintain your home, it is also a fantastic way to update the look of your home with a new color.  Our experienced painters prep your home meticulously, and spray the body and trim for an even finish.  For a couple days, your home will look like a mummy, but just wait until the masking comes off!  Call us today for to set up an appointment for an exterior paint bid.